Business Introduction

Business Introduction

Business Introduction

SFQ Energy Storage System Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of energy storage systems.

Our products encompass grid-side, portable, industrial, commercial, and residential energy storage solutions, aiming to provide customers with green, clean, and renewable energy product options and services.

SFQ holds core technologies and independent intellectual property rights for battery management systems, PCS converters, and energy management systems within the energy storage sector.

SFQ solutions
Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

Leveraging our independently developed new energy management system and exceptional energy storage system integration technology, SFQ provides equipment such as energy storage converters, battery management systems, and energy management systems. These are complemented by remote monitoring through our energy management cloud platform. Our energy storage system products encompass battery cores, modules, enclosures, and cabinets, applicable in power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. They cover areas such as solar power generation energy storage support, industrial and commercial energy storage, energy storage charging stations, residential energy storage, and more. These solutions facilitate new energy grid connections, power frequency regulation and peak shifting, demand-side response, micro-grids, and residential energy storage.

Intelligent Energy Customization

We are dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive system solutions throughout the entire life cycle, encompassing development, design, construction, delivery, and operation and maintenance. Our goal is to meet diverse customer needs by offering end-to-end services and support.

Intelligent Energy Customization

Grid-side Energy Storage Solutions

Primarily designed to be power and grid-friendly, achieving peak load shifting to enhance efficient power utilization and maximize financial returns. The energy storage system enhances the transmission and distribution capacity of the power grid, reducing the cost of new transmission and distribution facilities, and requiring a shorter construction time compared to grid expansion.

New Energy-side Energy Storage Solutions

Primarily targeting large ground-based PV power stations, encompassing various projects. Leveraging our technical R&D strength, extensive system integration experience, and intelligent operation and maintenance system, SFQ substantially enhances the return on investment of PV power plants, creating greater value for customers.

Distributed Energy Solutions

Originating from diverse and personalized energy needs, these solutions assist enterprises in achieving autonomous energy management, preserving and increasing the value of diverse assets, and driving the zero-emission era. This encompasses the following four application scenarios.

Residential Energy Storage System (PV)

Based on intellectualization and digitalization, SFQ exclusively designs, integrates, and develops intelligent Residential PV ESS Systems. This includes exclusive customization of intelligent products for the entire system, intelligent interconnection on the cloud platform, and refined intelligent operation and maintenance.


Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Systems (PV)

Effectively utilize the roofs of commercial and industrial facilities, integrate resources for self-consumption, provide backup power supply to improve energy quality, and address the challenges of constructing power facilities and high electrification costs in areas with no or weak power supply, ensuring continuous power supply.

Solar PV Carport Microgrid (PV&ESS&Charging&Monitor)

Integrates PV + energy storage + charging + vehicle monitor into one intelligent system, with optimized control for precise management of battery charging and discharging; provides off-grid power supply function to offer backup power during utility outages; utilizes valley power peak for price difference arbitrage.

PV-ESS Street Light System (PV)

Provides independent power supply, enabling the PV ESS street lights to operate normally in remote areas, areas without electricity, or during power cuts. It offers advantages such as renewable energy utilization, energy saving, and cost efficiency. These street lights are widely used in urban roads, rural areas, parks, parking lots, campuses, and other locations, providing reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting services.

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