Fuquan, Guizhou PV-ESS Streetlights

Fuquan, Guizhou PV-ESS Streetlights

Case Study: Fuquan, Guizhou PV-ESS Streetlights Project

solar panels on the roof-Fuquan project


Project Description

Situated in the heart of Shuanglong Industrial Park, Fuquan, Guizhou, a groundbreaking initiative has come to life—PV-ESS Streetlights Project. With an impressive installed capacity of 118.8 kW and a robust energy storage capacity of 215 kWh, this project stands as a beacon of innovation, harnessing the power of solar energy for sustainable public lighting. The installation, completed in October 2023, is strategically positioned on rooftops, ensuring optimal sunlight absorption.


The key components of this visionary project include photovoltaic panels, an energy storage system, and intelligent streetlight controls. These elements work in harmony to create a reliable and efficient lighting infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact.

PV-ESS Streetlights
PV panels installed on the factory roof
pv panels

How Dose It Work

During daylight hours, the photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity, simultaneously charging the energy storage system. As night descends, the stored energy powers the intelligent streetlights, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable lighting. The intelligent controls enable adaptive brightness levels, responding to real-time lighting requirements and optimizing energy consumption.

street lights-day
street lights-night


The PV-ESS Streetlights project brings a multitude of benefits to the site. It significantly reduces the reliance on traditional grid power, promoting environmental sustainability and lowering carbon emissions. The intelligent controls enhance operational efficiency, ensuring that energy is used precisely when and where it is needed. Moreover, the energy storage system guarantees uninterrupted lighting, even during grid disruptions, enhancing safety and security.


In summary, the Shuanglong Industrial Park PV-ESS Streetlights project exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to urban lighting. By seamlessly integrating solar energy, energy storage, and intelligent controls, it not only illuminates the streets sustainably but also serves as a model for future urban development, showcasing the potential for renewable energy in shaping smart and eco-friendly cities. This initiative marks a significant stride towards a greener, more efficient, and resilient public infrastructure.

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